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This is my third Palm device--after the palm 3e and the palm m515



Over the years my palm pilot has become my constant companion: address book, agenda, calendar, shopping list, and my favorite way to read e-books.  And now, with my TX and portable/folding palm keyboard, I can carry my word docs everywhere and work anywhere--my laptop can stay home!

 Below are some of my favorite free programs and links.  Enjoy!

  • There is no more convenient way to read than on your palm device. You can carry a dozen books with you at virtually no weight and maximum convenience. I have chosen the best places to download books in pdf (palm database files) format, many of which are free!
  • First download a document reader:
    • An excellent choice is CSpotRun--it's free and quite versatile. You can rotate the text any way you choose, and it is available in a number of languages. The only thing it lacks is a bookmark function.
    • Some books come in a format that require their own reader, such as iSilo. I find their reader less comfortable to use, but there is an excellent choice of classic literature available free in this format.
    • PeanutPress also requires their own reader for their books but as of May 2000 will now read all other doc format files as well! They have a small selection of free books, but they offer a wide range of the latest books for purchase and download. I find their reader to be the most pleasant and versatile to use and I've purchased quite a few books that were worth every penny! Their reader is free. Download it here and you won't need any other doc reader.
  • Now you are ready to download your palm e-books and docs.
    • The most extensive selection of free documents on every subject imaginable is available at Memoware. Their site has excellent links as well.
    • Mary Jo's Pilot Page has some wonderful free books not found anywhere else. If you are a Star Trek fan, don't miss the free books featured on her site!
    • You can download my collection of Jewish jokes here. I have saved it as a zip file for greater safety.
    • And don't forget PeanutPress of course!
  • Besides reading, taking notes and organizing your life, you will certainly want to try some of these wonderful free games:
  If you are Jewish, PilotYid is a site you most definitely want to visit! You will find the most complete source for the Jewish PalmOs user.

This page is always under construction! Please come back in a while! I am in the midst of preparing more palm docs for free download.

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